Tips / 5 of Today’s Greatest Gardening Gadgets

Each year, many of us resolve to make our gardens our priority. We buy flowers, seeds, soil, and fertilizer in the hopes that spring will yield a beautiful blossoming garden filled with vibrant colours and breath-taking features. However, this does not always turn out to be the case in spite of our best efforts. This can be frustrating, given that we have invested in the proper ingredients and made an honest attempt at turning our backyards into works of art. The problem may not simply be bad luck. It is more likely that we haven’t provided ourselves with the right tools to set ourselves up for success. There are endless products out there for green thumbs to add to their arsenal, so allow us to expedite the process of looking through all of them by serving up what we believe are the most helpful products. Try a few of these, and you should find that you are gardening more easily and more effectively.

Lawn Aerator Foot Set
This is a simple, yet effective solution to lawn aeration. Two foot sized platforms made to be strapped to the bottom of your favourite pair of grass stained sneakers, contain downward facing spikes to put holes in your lawn. This will allow water from the rain and sprinkler systems to get to where it needs to go in order to properly hydrate your grass. This way, you can make short work of lawn aeration by taking a stroll around your garden. You can even do it as you water plants or engage in some quick cardio exercises.

The U Can Watering System Watering Can
The U can Watering System Watering Can makes the delivery of water and fertilizer to your plants a breeze. Because it has a measurable water-tight fertilizer compartment built onto it, you can apply fertilizer as you water your plants. It also takes the guess work out of fertilization by including a dial which can be set to keep track of how much you have fertilized your plants. To top it all off, other luxurious features of this device include a measuring cup, an area to store your gardening gloves, and ergonomic rubber grips on the handles.

Parrot Flower Power Plant Sensor
If your plants haven’t turned out the way you wanted them to in the past, don’t just hope for a better outcome next time. Make it happen with the Parrot Flower Power Plant Sensor. This high-tech device introduces a level of scientific measurement and analysis to your gardening which will alert you to problems and allow you to make needed changes before it is too late. The parrot Flower Power sits in the soil next to your precious plants and sends data to an accompanying app via Bluetooth. This app will let your know when water, heat, light, and fertilizer levels of your plants are less than optimal, and create a to-do list for you to maximize your chances of success. Let this gadget be your secret weapon in this year’s neighbourhood gardening competition.

Black And Decker 3-In-1 Compact Mower
When tending to a lawn, lots of time, money, and energy is wasted filling your shed with different lawn maintenance tools. Get everything you need to keep your lawn expertly manicured by picking up this nifty mower that is three tools in one. It can go from being a mower, to a trimmer, to an edger on the fly, which can save you time going back and forth to get different equipment. It is 6.5 Amps which gives you the power you need to get through tough brush. This device is perfect for smaller yards with inclines and obstacles.

Plant Nanny Recycle-a-Wine Bottle Plant Stakes
This elegant invention may be the least complex and technical of all of the devices listed here, but that does not make it any less impressive. These devices have the power to turn any wine bottle into a water reservoir for your plants, so they can water themselves, saving you time. But time isn’t the only thing being saved through the use of these cone shaped wonders. The environment will thank you for making continued use of your used wine bottles rather than junking them.

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