By Steve Woodfield

If you count yourself among the millions of people who will be keeping a backyard garden this year, check out this list of great tools that will help you relax and enjoy your time spent in the dirt. Keep in mind that all of these fantastic tools are just a few quick clicks away when shopping with your account.

Burgon and Ball Hand Trowel

Slightly smaller than most, this rust-resistant beauty can get into tight spots. The carved-wood handle is light but sturdy, and so comfortable it could keep you in the garden all day.

To buy: $17,

Haws Practican Outdoor Watering Can

Capacious but easy to carry, thanks to a straight upper handle. Comes with a wide spout for ground plants and a narrow one for pots. Holds 1.6 gallons.

To buy: $37,

Felco Ergonomic Premium #8 Pruners

The last pair you’ll ever buy. This expert stainless clipper has a divot to whisk away sap, rubber bumpers to absorb shock, and a notch for cutting wire. All parts are replaceable.

To buy: $58,

Sneeboer Raised Bed Cultivator

Hand forged in the Netherlands, this three-tined classic, which is long enough to reach under shrubs, makes turning soil, mixing in fertilizer, and unearthing big weeds a pleasure.

To buy: $53,

Lee Valley Tools Border Spade

A stainless-steel blade and seamless construction (the head will never jiggle) guarantee that this digger is in it for the long haul. Great for edging, uprooting, and making holes.

To buy: $36,


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