Tips / The Apple Watch: What We Know So Far

Apple Watch

Smart watches have been on the market for a while now but an obvious contender has yet to enter the fray. I am, of course, referring to Apple and its Apple Watch. Earlier this week, Apple held a press conference which did not hold back on information regarding this highly anticipated piece of wearable tech. Here is a quick run-down on what we know so far about the Apple Watch.



Is the Apple Watch right for you? That’s going to be something for you to figure out for yourself. If you are one of those people who has decided to never buy an iPhone, it is doubtful that you’ll make anywhere near the full use of this smart watch, since it only interfaces with iPhones. But for all you iPhone users and soon-to-be iPhone users out there, you should seriously consider it. It is intended to be a natural extension of the iPhone designed to make life easier and more streamlined for any iPhone user, just as the pocket watch evolved into the wrist watch.

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