Tech Tuesday / Best Apple iPad Accessories

By Steve Woodfield

Want even more from your iPad? Whether you’re looking for entertainment, portability, or protection, there is no shortage of accessories available for your iPhone or iPad. To help separate the best from the rest, put together a great list of the 15 Best Apple iPad Accessories.

Here’s a shortlist of the top five:

  1. iCade ($99): Transform your iPad into a retro arcade for less than a $100. Simply plug in your iPad, take control of the joystick, and experience the look, feel, and sound of your favorite arcade games.
  2. ZaggMate ($99): We all know how frustrating typing on the iPad keyboard can be. With hundreds of peripheral keyboards on the market, picks the durable, sleek, and easy to use ZaggMate as one of the best.
  3. Motorola MotoROKR S9-HD Bluetooth Headphones ($129): Break free from the wires and experience the beauty of wireless, bluetooth listening on the iPad. Perfect for video and audio, just sit back and enjoy the great sound of these headphones.
  4. Apple TV ($99): With Apple TV, your iPad becomes an integral part in your home entertainment. Send video from your iPad to your TV, use your iPad as a remote control, or play the great games made for Apple TV that use an iPad as the controller.
  5. DodoCase ($59.95): Looking for a vintage look to compliment your iPad while keeping it protected? Look no further than the DodoCase, a scratch-free case made to look like a retro Moleskine notebook.

Worried that you won’t be able to find these outside of the U.S.? Never fear: with a account you can shop and ship from thousands of stores in the U.S. and ship directly to your home country. Sign up today!

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