By Steve Woodfield

With the summer heat just around the corner, let water be your dog’s best friend. Bring pets along to the beach, the pool, on the boat or just let them bask in the sun at the house, but make sure to take the proper precautions to keep them cool, hydrated and safely enjoying the nice weather. Check out these products that will keep your dog cool, comfortable and safe during the summertime.

1. Kurgo Surf N Turf Coat, $40

Not all dogs can swim, some have short snouts (think of snorkeling with a one-inch snorkel) and many dogs tire easily when swimming and can start sinking. Whether spending time in the water or boat, dogs should be safe in floatation gear, too. Should dogs become exhausted or fall into the water, it’s important that pets remain visible at all times. The Kurgo Surf N Turf Coat life vest comfortably fits active dogs in the water, has a reflective trim, and includes two transverse handles should owners need to quickly pull pets out of the water and onto the boat, dock or beach.

2. Doggles, $19.90

Protect your pup’s eyes from sun, sand, water and windblown debris with Doggles, UV protective eyewear. Comfortably fit pets with adjustable straps and a padded, flexible rubber frame. These cool shades are shatterproof and great for jaunts in and out of the water.

3. Doggles Pet Sunscreen, $9.99

Dogs can sunburn too, expecially light colored, thin haired breeds. Most common areas to burn include the tips of the ears and the bridge of the nose. Keep pets protected from unwanted and painful sunburns and irritations. Designed specifically for pets’ skin and coats, Doggles Pet Sunscreen features SPF 15 to keep dogs playing safely and happily beachside this summer.

4. Safety Turtle’s Pool Safety Device, $281.20

Some dogs just can’t swim. Your dog or cat may be able to swim, but can drown within minutes if not trained to get out of a pool. The Safety Turtle securely attaches to any pet’s collar, harness or life jacket using the supplied Velcro Adaptor and a loud alarm instantly sounds at the Base Station when the pet and device venture into the water. The alarm continues to sound until it is reset so owners know the whereabouts of pets at all times.

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