Tips / Best Online Stores for Musical Instruments

By Steve Woodfield

Buying music equipment can be stressful, especially if you don’t know the best places to purchase from. Sure, there are many places that offer low price music equipment, but are they legit? There are plenty of sites online that offer an excellent selection of music equipment for reasonable prices. So shop with confidence when buying music equipment with your account.

Musicians Friend: Musicians Friend is the number one music equipment site online. Forget everything else you’ve heard, Musicians Friend is guaranteed to come correct every time. They boost as being “The Best for Less” and they’re 100% right. Let’s start with their weekly giveaway, where any and everybody can qualify to win. The products on this site compared to other sites are hundreds of dollars cheaper, no exaggeration. Brand new keyboards and samplers will run you $150-300, that’s an excellent price for the best brand names. For used equipment try checking out the scratch and dent section which features the latest up to date used products. Know that the more you order from Musicians Friend, the more deals they give you. Also the shipping fee is free if you order $99 worth of merchandise or more. All major credit cards are accepted with Musicians Friend and they are one of the only music equipment stores that take Paypal as a form of payment. If everything is not up to standard with your order, they have a 24/7 customer service line to answer all of your questions.

American Musical Supply: The American Musical Supply site is very easy to navigate and get to what you want and need real quick. Similar to Musicians Friend, American Musical allows you to pay for music equipment in the form of payments. Yes, this means you can get over $500 worth of equipment and only pay $30-50 a month if you want to. The top brands are quoted at extremely low prices. The main feature on this site is the Outlet section, where you can find pages and pages of low priced equipment and musical add-ons. Although they rarely offer free shipping, they do offer same day shipping for those in a hurry to get their supplies. All major credit cards are accepted as well as money orders. When it comes to customer service with American Musical it’s best to call as their online live chat constantly freezes up. 

ZZsounds: Let me start by just saying this about ZZsounds, they are currently running neck and neck when it comes to first place with Musicians Friend when it comes to online music stores. ZZsounds brags about being the lowest price anywhere, and they pretty much are, next to Musicians Friend. ZZsounds promises to match the price of competitors when it comes to music gear. The easy to use interface lays out all the categories at the top of the page in clear site so you know what you’re picking. With having a extended list of both new and old equipment, ZZsounds has lots of professional reviews of almost every product. They also offer package deals that include numerous pieces of equipment combined into one bundle. Unlike most online music stores, ZZsounds offers tons of free midi and sound patch DL’s as add-on for music gear. Their special blowout section is everything its cut out to be, it’s the lowest deals on all gear both new and old. The super helpful customer service makes sure your order is right each and every time and they even offer a live chat to talk about your problems on the spot.

Music 123: Music 123 may not be up to the standard of the music stores listed above, but they still have a big name in the online music equipment game. They are not as up to date as other sites, but still posses a wide range of products. The easy navigation site features a limited list of products with competitive prices. Music 123 specializes in offering more than just music equipment, they also have music videos and music industry books on display. The best feature about Music 123 is that they allow you to trade in your music gear in exchange for cash! The outlet section has items that are marked down hundreds of dollars from their regular price. All major credit cards are accepted with Music 123 and they even accept Paypal and Moneygram.

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