Not everyone enjoys going to a park for a cookout. Too many people, too much noise, and dogs stealing your hamburger can be quite the deterrent. If you’d rather just enjoy the BBQ aspect of summer in peace and quiet at home, then you’ll want a grill. If you only have a balcony of space though, you’re not going to want to take up the whole walkway with a clunky metal container.

The BBQ Bruce Handrail Grill will allow you to cook outside without taking up too much space on your terrace. It is constructed from stainless steel, and is not particularly large. Measuring in at only 16X18.5×58.5cm, you won’t be able to cook nearly as much, but if you aren’t the partying type, maybe that’s a good thing? It’ll cost around $76, and would be lovely for those that live in a crowded city area and don’t have a backyard.

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