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Preparing for the Revamped Reship

After months of hard work, Reship is proud to announce its revamped and renovated website for all to use. This new launch ushers in several changes that will make it easier for Reship members to shop, ship, and save. Here is a list of the upcoming changes and what users can expect from the revamped Reship.

Brand New Website:

We know shipping can get complicated and using a parcel forwarding service like Reship can definitely make things easier.

That’s why we wanted to be as clear and transparent as possible on how we handle packages and make sure they get to our users in a quickly and efficient as possible.

Changes include:

– Easy to understand, intuitive, clean layout that explains how Reship works.

– Powerful Shipping Calculator that accurately quotes our discounted rates straight from the carriers.

– Detailed explanation of how our services work to helps users know what service are right for them.

How it Helps:

These features allow users to have a more streamlined experience when logging into their Reship customer portal.

It also makes it easy for new users to understand how Reship works and see the value in having a service that can allow them to have a virtually limitless experience when comes to shopping online.

Incoming Revamped Reship

Improved User Interface:

Changes include:

– Cleaner, similar layout making it easy to see awaiting packages

– A detailed description of packages and easy to see pictures (previously a paid for service)

– Easily track packages while they’re in transit.

– Introducing more specialized memberships, perfect for any level of use from low to high.

How it Helps:

The improved Reship customer portal makes it easier for users to clearly identify when and where your package arrives, you’re able to see two free photos instantly.

Completely Overhauled Internal System:

Changes include:

– Completely improved way for receiving vendor information and instantaneously lets customers know package details once it arrives

– Scans everything from weight, size, value, and other details needed for carriers at a much faster rate

– Able to receive and process packages ready for shipping much quicker

How it Helps:

These internal system changes make a huge difference for customers when wanting to get up-to-date information about their package along the shipping process.

When Will the new Operations?

We are pleased to announce our revamped Reship launch is ready for the end of Summer 2019, which means its fast approaching.

More information and specifications will be released around the official date. Our team is working hard to make this change an extremely positive one that will allow users to reap the benefits of what Reship can offer.

We’re making the online shopping experience virtually limitless and save money with peace of mind.

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