Tips / Four Camping Accessories You Won’t Want to Be Without

By Steve Woodfield

The season for camping and hiking is upon us, and preparation for a grand wilderness adventure is not limited to packing the old tent, sleeping bag, and cooler you have always used. New and innovative gear, equipment, and gadgets are constantly hitting the market to make your next trek into the great outdoors more safe, fun, and enjoyable. Give the following outdoor adventure items a look before packing up and getting out of town.

Eagles Nest Outfitters Hammock

Hammocks are the height of wilderness lounging and it is the mission of Eagles Nest Outfitters to create the most comfortable hammocks in the world. These nylon hammocks are lightweight, can hold up to 400 lbs, and pack into a softball sized pouch for effortless transport.

Prices start at $54.95

Currently Available at

Energizer Pro 7 LED Headlamp

Here is something you don’t think you’ll need until you arrive late to the campground and the sun is setting. Have you ever tried to set up a campsite in pitch darkness? It can be a frustrating experience to say the least. Don’t worry about all that with the Energizer Pro LED Headlamp, because its bright LEDs will bathe your immediate area in light. Best of all, it will leave your hands free to construct a tent, chop wood, or rifle through your backpack.

List price is $19.99

Currently Available on

SealLine eSeries Protective Cases

Sometimes it is just too difficult to leave behind those electronic devices we have come to rely upon. If you fancy having your Ipad, eReader, or smartphone with you on your outdoor excursions, it would be best to safeguard them against the elements. Sealine eSeries Protective Cases do just that, by sealing your gadgets and screens in a waterproof transparent pouch while still enabling you to use them. Now you can use your Ipad or eReader in the rain or boating on the lake without fear of water damage.

Prices Range from $12 – $18

Currently Available at

Goal Zero Rock Out Speakers

If you would rather not rely on campfire songs to satisfy your need for music on your trip, Goal Zero Rock Out Speakers are just the thing you need to enjoy all your favourite songs wherever you are on earth. Built for portability, Goal Zero Rock Out Speakers are weather resistant, and use rechargeable batteries which can be charged via USB and Solar. It can connect to anything with a standard 3.5mm audio output port.

List Price is $59.99

Currently Available at

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