Tips / Where to Buy Vintage Clothing Online

By Steve Woodfield

There are endless options when it comes to buying vintage online, so to make your shopping a little easier, here are some great places to start browsing.

Of course you can buy just about anything on eBay and that includes tons of cool vintage pieces. You can shop with experienced sellers with stores or average joes who are cleaning out their attic to find the perfect vintage frock.

Etsy is similar to eBay in that it allows anyone to sell their wares online in a way that’s reliable and easy to search. Etsy, however, is not auction based and the clothes are available until they are sold. There are also many talented re-designers on Etsy that make vintage piece new again and update them to current trends.

Nasty Gal Vintage
This uber cool site offers both off the rack styles and a limited selection of vintage finds. The styles lean towards the eclectic and edgy side. The amazing photography and eye-catching styling is a great source of inspiration even if you can’t afford to splurge on vintage Versace leather pants at the moment.

YO Vintage
This site offers both new clothing and a well-edited collection of vintage finds. Styles tend to lean more demure and feminine, though eye-catching prints do occasionally make an appearance. The site is clean and modern and the photography is fun and editorial.

Spanish Moss Vintage
An affordable, well styled vintage store with great high end finds too. Beloved by models and celebrities like Erin Wasson, Kelly Osborne, and Daisy Lowe and magazines like Nylon and Lucky. The best pieces go fast, so sign up for their emails or Facebook to keep on top of new arrivals.

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