By Steve Woodfield

It’s hard to believe that is right around the corner! Weekend getaways to the pool, the beach or the lake — it’s the time of the year when most of us can’t help but flock to the water. Even with baby in tow, you can still have an enjoyable day in the sun. But it might require more than an iPod and a trendy tote. This roundup will help ensure you’re prepped for a fun, successful trip to the beach. Need to stock up? No need to worry – just use your account to shop the best beach essentials for baby and have them shipped directly to your door.

1. Beach Tote

First things first! You’re going to need a big beach tote to shove everything inside when you head to the pool or beach. Look for something that is large enough to fit everything so you don’t have to lug more then one bag.

2. SPF Included Swim Suit

You can’t forget the swim suits! Stock up and pack a few pairs. Look for swim suits that keep baby protected like an adorable gingham zip-up, UV 50+ included. And even better if it includes a rash guard.

3. Portable Cot

Weighing only 7lbs, it won’t be a ton of extra cargo to carry for the day! Bringing along a portable crib is a great place for baby to rest and take a break from the sand. The full mesh sides that un-zipper couldn’t be more perfect for a day on the beach! It’s worth every penny.

4. Sun Hat

For obvious reasons a sun hat is a must to protect baby from those hot rays in the summer heat.

5. Baby Sunglasses

Packing baby sunglasses keeps those baby eyes protected. Make sure the pair you pick is UVA and UVB protected

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