Tips / Five Accessories for Man’s Best Friend

By Steve Woodfield

We love our dogs like members of the family. Why not show that love by using your account to treat them to something new this summer:

1. Martingale Collar: These collars are the perfect blend of form and function. Sans buckle, they slide over your dog’s head and tighten only when your dog pulls. Because they are made out of fabric instead of chain they do not cut into your pet’s skin. When paired with a pattern that complements your pup’s coat, they make for a very elegant collar.

2. Thundershirt: A thundershirt is a great accessory to help with a dog’s anxiety. They won’t work for every dog, but when they do, it’s a life changer. Check out the new selection of “polo” style shirts in pink, blue and green, and don’t forget monogramming!

3. Zoom Brush: Think of it as brush/massager combo. It is made of a soft but durable rubber with thick cone shaped bristles. It stimulates their follicles for a healthy, shiny coat, and is great for shedding, too! Your pups will want you to brush their bellies all day.

4. Yogibo Dog Bed: Yogibos are super popular for humans, but did you know they make dog beds too? They are well crafted and ergonomic. Your pup deserves a comfy bed, so hook them up with a Yogibo! They come in a range of sizes and pretty colors, in two styles.

5. Whistle GPS: This is the latest in pet tech. They are small devices (about the size of a USB stick) that clip to your dog’s collar and track their activity throughout the day. There are a few similar devices being brought to market soon, Fitbark among them. With built in GPS, they keep track of exercise and nap time and sync to a smartphone app that analyzes and reports trends. All this info allows you to get that much closer to your dog and meet their needs.

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