Tips / 5 of the Best Retailers to Visit on Black Friday

Black Friday is as big an event online as it is at physical stores these days. As a result of this, navigating your way through all of the discounts and offers can be a confusing and time consuming process. This is further complicated by the fact that many deals only last for an hour or less if the products sell out immediately. To help make sense of everything and point you in the right direction this Black Friday, here are 5 stores which we believe will be your best bet for Black Friday deals. – Electronics superstore has been increasingly active during Black Friday, offering many more deals last year than in previous years. This trend is not expected to change, which makes one of the big ones to watch, especially for those tech-savvy folks out there. Right now they are running a Black Friday preview event, so why wait? Head on over. – There doesn’t seem to be anything you can’t get at Amazon, and that has given way to a Black Friday filled with discounts on whatever it is you are looking for. They also have a great habit of price matching and undercutting prices at retailers who are famous for their low prices, like Walmart. But be aware. Getting the best deals on Amazon on Black Friday takes good timing as many deals sell out almost as soon as they appear. – While Ebay is made up of millions of sellers and does not have a uniform Black Friday strategy, the collective mass of merchants seem to know what Black Friday means to people, and this results in some truly fantastic deals if you can find them. This would be a great place to go if you are hoping to get a truly unique gift for someone at the lowest price possible. – If you recently discovered that you don’t like most of the clothes that occupy your closet, visiting on Black Friday is a can’t-miss event. The discounts to be found here have historically treaded in the area of 60% off. This makes the prospect of tossing out the entire wardrobe and starting fresh within the realm of possibility for many people. – While the range of things you can find at Kohl’s is seemingly limitless, we want to high-light the fact that this might be your best place to go if you are in the market for toys. With the holidays coming up, who wouldn’t want to save as much as 60% on all the toys they need to buy? Kohl’s is actually running a pre-black Friday sale right now, where many toys are marked down by over 50%.

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