Tips / 5 Products To Help You Achieve Your New Year’s Resolution

The New Year is upon us, and for many, it is a time to reflect and think about self-improvement. Each year, the most popular resolutions seem to remain constant. Work out more, quit smoking, and spend more time with family are all among the top resolutions people make when the new year strikes. Easy as they are to make, new year’s resolutions are always easier said than done. Not to worry, there are a great number of products one can purchase in order to better their chances at fulfilling a resolution. Five products for some of the most often stated resolutions are as follows.

Resolution: Work Out More
Product: Nike+ FuelBand
This nifty gadget is bound to keep you going when the going gets tough. It enables you to track your goals and measure your progress in many different ways. By connecting with your smart phone, the Nike+ FuelBand tracks the frequency and the intensity of your movements at all times. It also has the nifty feature of being able to compare your movements with your friends to bring forth the added motivation of peer pressure.

Resolution: Reduce Stress
Product: Sound Universe – Ohm Therapeutics Sound Healing Tuning Fork Ohm Octave With Activator Set
Those who have discovered the stress melting process of deep meditation probably annoy you with how relaxed they are. Here to help you join them, is this set of tuning forks from Sound Universe. When struck, these tuning forks emit a pleasant and relaxing sound which seems to drown out all the other auditory sources of stress surrounding us, including our internal dialogue. Let the Ohms permeate and feel your worries wash away.

Resolution: Be Nicer to the Environment
Product: Belkin Conserve Insight
Little by little this simple gadget will save you money and energy by enabling you to keep track of the energy used by your electronic devices. Horrified at last month’s electric bill and don’t know what changes to make so next month is a little more energy efficient? Go ahead and consult the Belkin Conserve Insight to pinpoint the energy hogs in your house, whether it is the space heater that doesn’t work properly, or the spare fridge you never pay attention to.

Resolution: Get Organized
Product: SmartGrip Pad
The SmartGrip Pad from the Container Store is just one of the many organizational solutions you will find when reviewing the wares available at The whole place is a shrine to the best in home organization. The SmartGrip Pad itself is ingenious in its simplicity and endlessly useful. This pad can be used to turn any surface into a dedicated place to store precious items so you can have access to them at a moment’s notice. They are especially useful for inclined surfaces like car dashboards and are very appropriate as a place upon which phones or remote controls can be placed. Placing an item on the SmartGrip means that item is not going anywhere unless you want it to.

Resolution: Sleep Better
Product: Rise and Shine Serenity Series
This product may be the top of the line for alarm clocks which cultivate a good night’s sleep. What makes this alarm clock unique is its built-in light and sound effects which are specifically designed to help you align your circadian rhythms. These effects abide by synchronized sleep and wake programs, allowing for the body to fall asleep naturally, in a soothing atmosphere. The Rise & Shine Serenity Series mimics natural sunrise and sunset light to lull a person to sleep at night and gently usher them into wakefulness in the morning. Spa soundscapes are also included in the clock, so you can pretend you are waking up to an ocean or a babbling brook.

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