Tips / 5 Kitchen Items to Take Entertaining to the Next Level

The Holiday season is right around the corner, which means you could soon be hosting lots of holiday parties, dinners and gatherings. Give your guests something to talk about this year by populating your kitchen and dining room with these nifty accessories.

Nambé “Scoop” Server
When it comes to pre-meal snacks, you can’t go wrong with chips and dip. But you can go extra right by serving them in the Nambé “Scoop” Server. We have seen bowl-within-a-bowl chip ‘n’ dip dishes before, but none so sleek and elegant as this. This dish is especially handy for those without a lot of square footage on their counter/coffee table as it places the dip bowl squarely above the chip bowl allowing for maximum efficiency of space.

Quick Draw Cutter
It’s an age old problem. Everyone loves pizza, but the tools we use to slice them are so boring. Enter the Quick Draw Cutter. This pizza cutter shaped like an old timey six shooter is sure to raise the spirits of any fan of classic westerns, and the handle of a 19th century revolver just happens to be the precise ergonomically correct shape to carve up a pizza.

The OCD Chef Cutting Board
This cutting board provides a welcome dose of precision to your culinary ventures. Marked with a grid pattern over the board and rulers lining the edges, this cutting board will enable you to make precise cuts and even portions every time. If you put your meal together using this cutting board, your guests will be astonished by the evenness of the cuts of their bread and the uniform appearance of each carrot slice in their soup.

Unleashed Life Dog Bowls
If you are putting out the fine china for your guests but leaving the pets to eat from their regular old bowls, they could feel left out. Unleashed Life appears to be very sensitive to this, so they made these bowls to remedy the situation. The gorgeous styling of these bowls are unmatched in the pet accessory world. Perhaps your pets may not fully appreciate the aesthetic appeal of these dishes, but your party guests will be mighty impressed with the way you treat your furry friends when they see them eating out of such beautiful bowls.

Hamilton Beach 25475A Breakfast Sandwich Maker
If there are a few party guests you have kindly allowed to spend the night at your house because they got a little too inebriated the night before, and you would still like to be a good host, consider making use of the Hamilton Beach 25475A Breakfast Sandwich Maker. With this handy device you can whip up a breakfast sandwich in 5 minutes time to satisfy the hunger of those who have decided to stick around until breakfast. The quick and easy process of making breakfast sandwiches with this device means you won’t have to expend nearly as much energy making breakfast for people as you did, making dinner.

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