Tips / 5 Cool Innovative Products You Can Get Right Now

With last week’s 2015 Consumer Electronics Show giving us a look into what inventions we could be using in the future, the fact that we can’t get our hands on these products right now made us a little sad. But then we remembered there are loads of cool and innovative products available right now. Here are five you might not yet be aware of.

The simplehuman Sensor Mirror
If you have always wanted a smile that brightens up a room, the simplehuman sensor mirror could be just the thing you are looking for. These mirrors light up automatically as a face approaches their field of view. They also use a system of powerful LEDs which simulates natural sun light, so you can take some guess work out of your makeup application no matter what your makeup counter’s lighting conditions are. Another great thing about these lamps is that they are wireless and USB rechargeable with one charge lasting up to 5 weeks.

The Smartphone Pocket Projector
It does exactly what the name implies. Connect any Android or Apple smartphone to this little device and see your screen projected onto any flat surface at a resolution of 720p. If your friends are complaining that you are too wrapped up in your phone, bring them in on the fun by blowing up whatever you’re looking at onto a wall for all to enjoy. This item can also be used to show people photos and notes saved on your phone during impromptu meetings and presentations.

The Blackphone
You may have never heard of this smartphone but that might just be part of its charm. In a world that is constantly connected and everything is shared, this phone exists to serve those of us who still make privacy a priority. This is a phone designed by security and privacy experts to keep your communication and information between you and its intended recipients. It uses its own Android operating system called PrivatOS and uses its own secure apps for phone, messaging, contact listing and more. While it seems like we can’t go a week without hearing about another database that got hacked or company collecting more than their fair share of data, the Blackphone might just be the key to keeping private information private.

Senz Umbrellas
If you live somewhere known for rainy and windy weather, you might have often thought to yourself; why can’t somebody invent a better umbrella? Well… They did. It’s called a Senz Umbrella and it is specifically built to withstand stormy and windy rain. It can withstand gusts of up to 80 KM/H. Furthermore, one end of the canopy is extended to provide greater protection against sideways rain. Such a feature would also come in handy for those who carry around large backpacks they would like to keep dry.

Gigs 2 Go Flash Drives by
USB Flash drives seem to come in all shapes and sizes (as proven by One of the most intriguing is their Gigs 2 Go Flash Drive packs. These flash drives come in packs of four which can be torn from their cardboard casing and distributed as the owner sees fit. These are perfect for giving secure files to multiple people. What makes them even better is their durability. They are shock/water resistant and do not need to be kept in a protective casing.

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