Tips / 4 Devices To Make Travelling A Breeze

By Steve Woodfield

If you are lucky, you might be putting together big travel plans to exciting and faraway places. Big trips are great but they can be made even better by preparing yourself with some travel friendly items to make your globetrotting experience more comfortable and less physically taxing. We’ll talk about a few of those items here.

1. Lingo Global Traveler – 20 Language Translator (Model TR-2000)
The Lingo Global Traveler – 20 Language Translator is a pocket language translator which is capable of translating as many as 400 000 words and 40 000 phrases from 20 major languages. These include Arabic, English, Polish, German, Turkish, Russian, Hebrew, Japanese, and Korean. Translations appear on the lcd display in phonetic English and foreign alphabets simultaneously. This nifty device also comes with a number of extras including metric and currency converters, calculator, and travel games. Communicating with citizens of distant countries has never been so easy.
Priced at $79.95 US
Currently Available from

2. Scrubba Wash Bag
Keeping clothes clean and fresh is a problem which presents itself during serious backpacking excursions all too often. If you see yourself packing light and spending a lot of time away from the convenience of a washing machine, the Scrubba Wash Bag may be just the thing you need to keep your clothes fresh on the go. Simply stuff your clothes into the bag and apply water and detergent. Then rub the dirt and grime out of your clothes and hang to dry. In the absence of a washing machine, the Srubba Wash Bag yields a quicker and higher quality wash than hand washing in a sink.
Priced at $64.95 US
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3. Sound Oasis® GLO to SLEEP Deluxe Sleep Mask
Travelling to distant lands can often put you in places where it can be very difficult to catch up on much needed sleepy-time. Here to transport you to dream land with a little more ease, is the Sound Oasis GLO to Sleep Deluxe Sleep Mask. Unlike standard sleep masks, this one includes dim blue lights in the front of the mask which the wearer focuses on as they drift off. These lights are meant to slow the frequency of electrical activity in the brain which is conducive to a quick transition to sleep mode. Whether you are trying to sleep on a plane, in a crowded hostel, or in the back of a bus, arm yourself with the Sound Oasis Glo to Sleep Deluxe Sleep Mask so you will be well rested for tomorrow’s adventures.
Price: $39.99 US
Available at

4. Panasonic Adult Portable Compact Toothbrush
If you would rather not be without the efficacy of an electric toothbrush while jetting off to exotic locales, the Panasonic Adult Portable Compact Toothbrush has you covered. Designed to be compact and portable, this toothbrush operates with one AAA battery and includes a protective cap enclosing the toothbrush so you can toss it in your carry-on.
Price: $12.95 US
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