Tips / How to keep your 2014 New Year’s resolutions!

By Steve Woodfield

It’s the start of a new year, which means another opportunity for a fresh new start and resetting our resolutions! A New Year’s resolution is something most of us plan and think about as we get closer to the holiday season, however sticking to our plan is a whole different story! Health and fitness related goals and resolutions are hands-down the most popular.

To ensure you don’t fall off track or get distracted, be sure to set monthly check-ins. Try asking a friend to follow up every few weeks to see how you are doing. You can also set a reminder for yourself at the end of every month to mentally review how well you have stuck to your resolution. If you and a friend both have a goal to eat better or put in more hours at the gym, you can do it together and keep each other motivated.

Be sure to set realistic goals. If you have a goal that you know will take you the whole year or more to get through, be sure to set small goals and hit the targets as your work your way up.

Don’t forget your water bottle, invest in the right shoes, work out gear and supplements. Many of us do not believe this is necessary and we think we can make do with what we have. However, to avoid any risk of injury or discomfort and to set ourselves up for success, it is best to consider these things.


Most importantly be safe and don’t give up! Happy 2014 everyone!

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